Installation and Alignment Procedures

BFAS Model SS9602

A. Installation

Installation of this instrument should only be attempted by QUALIFIED PERSONNEL. Connecting the primary winding of a current transformer without terminating the secondary winding is very DANGEROUS and could result in possible injury to personnel or equipment damage.

Battery systems are dangerous at all times and should be respected and treated like a hot circuit even when the charging system is turned off.

1. Inventory the shipping box for the following items:
a. One BFAS Model SS9602 instrument with split core current transformer (CT)
b. One set of mounting feet.
c. One alignment tool.

Note: Steps 2 and 3 need to be determined at the same time.

2. Determine the best location to place the instrument. The instrument may be wall mounted or attached to an existing panel, i.e. the battery disconnect or UPS system.

3. Determine the best place to mount the current transformer on your system. Keep in mind that the CT must be installed so that the full load battery DC current conductors are passing through it. In the case of multiple battery strings, the CT must be installed at a common DC point so that it will include all the strings, either all the positives or all the negatives.

Mount Battery Failure Alarm System on the wall, disconnect, battery rack or UPS System.

Current will be the same at any place in the circuit. Any loose connection or high inpedence battery will result in a low current reading. Working batteries with good connections will have a fluctuating but consistent current reading.

For parallel strings, place current transformer around all positives or all negatives. This is, most often, easy to do in the disconnect. Parallel currents, for example, of 5 amps per string will drop below 13 amps total should a battery or connection open in a three string circuit. Setting the low alarm point just above 13 amps will capture a failure in any string. For strings in parallel you can estimate how far the total current will drop when a string opens or for best results, you can open any string. This requires a UPS technician or a UPS electrician.