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Customer Feedback

Michael Itinger
Facilities Manager
(504)236-9320 x4676

Dear Mr. Barton,

I just wanted to send you a short note to let you know how happy we are with the BFAS Battery Monitor that we have installed over one year ago. When everything is operating nomally, we never hear from our Battery Monitor. We routinly check readings and the Monitor has alerted us to potential battery problems on several occasions. This warning has saved us time and allowed is to be more proactive in ensuring that we maintain consistant UPS power.

In addition to alerting us to any potential battery problems, the BFAS monitor has given us advance warning on several occasions when we've had power problems not relating to the batteries. Power conditions in the Honduras are anything but normal. We frequently suffer from spikes and surges on the incoming power that wreak havoc on our UPS. We had a series of problems where the utility incoming power was below UPS tolerances and the UPS was switching directly to by-pass. The battery monitor immediatly detected the change in power supply and gave us immediate notice of the problem. We were able to quickly recitfy the problem before our critical load experienced a failure due to city power fluctuation.

In short, this BFAS battery monitor has saved us thousands of dollars in lost downtime and allowed us to solve potential UPS problems before they became real problems.

thanks again,

Michael Itinger
Facilities Manager



Mark L. Moore
Facilities Manager
United States Embassy
Rabat, Morocco

Mr. Barton,

The Battery Failure Alarm System has now been in operation for over one year. It is one of the few alarm systems that works as advertised. The system alarm went off one weekend when one of our UPS machines went down, alerting the Marine as he was making his security checks. The alarm prompted him to call me at home resulting in a special trip to the embassy to put the backup UPS on-line. The workday was able to start with the electrical protection that is so important to our operations.

The alarm systrem has also alerted me to a developing problem in our wet battery string. I usually check the digital readout on the alarm daily as I make my rounds through the building. One day I noticed that the reading was lower than usual. I checked the UPS to make sure tht the laod was running at a normal level and then had my electricians start to check all the connections in the battery string. Sure enough we found a connection that was starting to corrode. In fifteen minutes we had the problem repaired and the alarm system reading went back up tp where it should have been. The ability to catch a small problem like this before it causes major problems makes the battery alarm system an invaluable tool for maintaining our equipment. We have prevenative maintenance set up for the battery string on a monthly basis. Yes, we would have caught the problem on our next PM but the battery alarm system with its digital readout was able to alert us immediately to the developing problem. This one instance has more than paid for the Battery Failure Alarm System in not shortening the life of the batteries down the stream of the problem and in not having a lapse in our electrical backup supply.

I know most people only write to tell you of problems when equipment dosen't work as specified. I'm glad I can write to tell you the good news. In a few months I will be moving on to a new posting. Rest assured that I will be in touch to have your Battery Failure Alarm System installed if it is not already in place.


Mark L.Moore
Facilities Manager
Rabat, Morocco



Rose Andreolli
Facilities Manager
WEST Telemarketing Outbound

Approximately two weeks after installing a BFAS battery monitor, we began experiencing intermittent alarms. There was no particular pattern just random alarms. Each time the security guard would respond, but by the time he reached the monitor the alarm had cleared and the front panel reading was normal.

A maintenance inspection was requested to repair or replace the obviously defective battery monitor. Imagine my surprise when the technicians report indicated that the monitor was in good working order and was simply reporting a defective battery that apparently could "heal" itself under float charge conditions. Further testing revealed a defective battery under discharge.

As the proud owner of five of your battery monitors, I wanted you to know that everyone around here sleeps
better knowing that our UPS battery systems are under the watchful eye of BFAS.



Davis Blalock
Construction/Maintenance Manager
US Long Distance

As you remember, we started with one BFAS monitor at our central switching office, after a battery problem caused the UPS to fail during a power outage. Since that initial order we have now incorporated five BFAS monitors on our various UPS Systems. Thank you for making available a simple and effective solution to the otherwise impossible problem of battery readiness.



Julius Eccell
Vice President
Frost National Bank

On July 1st, our site experienced the first utility power outage since installation of BFAS battery monitors. UPS operation was normal during the outage, but shortly after power was restored, battery monitor#1 alarmed with a lower than normal reading. A maintenance inspection confirmed that one of the three strings had failed during the power outage. The monitor immediately alerted us to an impaired battery, allowing for corrective action prior to another utility outage, and insuring the system's integrity.

Having discovered failed batteries by degraded or no battery reserve in previous instances, this was a pleasant surprise. I will admit that I was suspicious at first, but your product works as advertised. I plan to order an additional monitor for another UPS, and strongly recommend them at similar installations.



Rick Martinez
MIS Computer Operations Supervisor
Homeside Lending Co.

As a longtime UPS owner and having been through the "battery problem" more times than I care to remember, it is my distinct pleasure to recommend the BFAS monitor.

As I remember it, we were the first ever to put your concept to work and work it has. We have all been educated about battery's active role in UPS operation. An example was the battery current skyrocketing after a permanent reduction in load. It was something that we did not anticipate in our planning. Without the monitor, we probably would have had to replace our battery strings by now. Another even more critical example was when our air conditioning went out in our UPS/battery room. Our temperature monitor malfunctioned and the BFAS alterted us to a problem due to a drastic decrease in current. The temperature in the room was 95 degrees and climbing. Serious damage to both the UPS batteries was averted. I know of another company whose UPS/battery room had a similar problem and they permanently lost 25% of their battery's power.